Investment Project Management Company



ZAO “Geningconsult” is the Russian company providing professional services for implementing the multiple-purpose investment projects funded by the International Financial Institution (IFI) Loans, the Federal Budget means and private investors' finances.

ZAO “Geningconsult” is the multiprofile consulting company providing the broad range  marketable consultancy services and operating in all industries of the Russian economy.

ZAO “Geningconsult” is the independent company, non-affiliated with the government institutions, the Russian and international finance-industrial groups and companies.

ZAO “Geningconsult” is the public market-based company participating in the open and fair  competion with other participants of the consultancy services market and disclosing the requisite information on their activities to the clients, investors and public regulatory bodies.

Our specialists' high professional level, the clients' requirements and expectations oriented insight, in-depth knowledge of local conditions, the expertise in the implemented projects specific nature, skillful combination of maximum fulfilling the clients’ requirements and  requirements of the current legislation, rules and procedures of IFI (IBRD, EBRD, etc), the great practical experience in the IFI field and the requisite resources available ensure ZAO Geningconsult solid reputation, facilitate the dynamic development and on-going upgrading of the provided services quality in compliance with ISO 9000 international standard requirements.