Investment Project Management Company



Personnel Selection and Training

A complex of services on personnel selection and training is one of the most important activities of the Company, which include:

  •         Services on selection of personnel required by the clients;
  •         Services on training the clients’ personnel.

ZAO “Geningconsult” has accumulated a vast experience in selection of personnel for implementation units of large investment projects, as well as personnel of foreign trade-related enterprises and entities.

The main services provided by ZAO “Geningconsult” in the sphere of personnel selection are the following:

  •          analyze initial data and assess a demand for personnel;
  •          determine the personnel composition and develop qualification requirements;
  •          select candidates of the required qualification from the client’s staff;
  •          determine the need of involvement of candidates of the required qualification from other companies using the own database of  professional advisors, which includes more than 150 specialists in various branches;
  •          collect qualification information of selected candidates, review of qualification information for compliance with the client’s requirements;
  •          test and interview each candidate to determine his/her professional competence for selection of optimal candidates;
  •          develop recommendations for each candidate recording this information in the database of ZAO “Geningconsult”, assess repeatedly an activity of the selected personnel along with permanent upgrading of the database.
Personnel Training

ZAO “Geningconsult” provides services on personnel training in the following areas:  
  •         project management;
  •         procurement;
  •         project finance monitoring;
  •         construction technical supervision.
  •         The Company’s training methodology is based on a comprehensive approach which combines theoretical studies in the form of lectures and seminars with on-the-job training.
  •         The Company’s experience gained in successful implementation of investment projects shows that the best training method is on-the-job training with simultaneous fulfillment of the current project procedures by specialists of ZAO “Geningconsult” and the client in the course of individual studies on knowledge and practical skills transfer.
  •         Depending upon the project specifics and client’s personnel availability, ZAO “Geningconsult” carries out assessment of the training needs, process scheduling, development of training plans and programmes; organizes and holds training courses; prepares and replicates methodical booklets and materials for study which are necessary to obtain and check special skills and knowledge of the client’s personnel.
  •         A specific approach to training is a transfer of the Company’s experience through its own courses involving the specialists of ZAO “Geningconsult”, which have many -years pedagogical experience, special training and are certified lecturers in various fields.
  •         Specific training courses are held by own personnel of ZAO “Geningconsult”, as well as involved qualified specialists of consulting companies, educational institutions and training centers of Russia and foreign countries from the Company’s own database of partner entities, which includes more than 100 companies, providing services on personnel and advanced training in various spheres.
ZAO “Geningconsult” provides services on organizing and conduction of the clients’ personnel training on the project sites, in the Russian and foreign training centers in the form of probations, advanced courses, organizing and conduction of international and regional conferences and seminars on themes connected with the project.