Investment Project Management Company


Personnel Training

ZAO “Geningconsult” provides services for the Client’s personnel training in the following areas:  

-         Project management;

-         procurement;

-         Project financial monitoring;

-         construction supervision.

  •         The Company’s training methodology is based on a comprehensive approach which combines theoretical courses in the form of lectures and seminars with on-the-job training.

  •         The Company’s experience gained while successful implementation of the investment projects shows that the best training method is on-the-job training combined with joint practicing of the implemented Project procedures by the specialists of ZAO “Geningconsult” and the Client as an individual tutorial for knowledge and practical skills transfer.

  •         According to the Project specifics and the Client’s personnel resources available, ZAO “Geningconsult” evaluates training requirements, schedules training activities, developes training plans and programs; organizes and holds training courses; prepares and duplicates methodical booklets and handout softbound texts to facilitate the Client’s personnel acquisition and consolidation of special knowledge and skills.

  •         The Company’s specific approach to training is the gained experience transfer through their own courses involving the specialists of ZAO “Geningconsult”, who have got many-year pedagogical experience, special training and certification as lecturers in various branches of knowledge.

  •         The specific training courses are held by own staff of ZAO “Geningconsult”, as well as involved qualified specialists of consulting companies, educational institutions and training centers of Russia and foreign countries by use of the Company’s own database of partner entities, which includes over 100 companies, providing services for personnel training and upgrading in various spheres.

  •         ZAO “Geningconsult” provides services to arrange and conduct the Clients’ personnel training on the Project sites and in the Russian and foreign training centers in the form of probations, advanced courses, organizing and holding of international and regional conferences and seminars on the Project related issues.