Investment Project Management Company


Project evaluation

ZAO “Geningconsult” provides the following services on project evaluation:

  • Project evaluation in the preparatory phase for the full-scale start-up (project evaluation);
  • Legal support for the projects during all phases of their implementation (Legal aspects). 

ZAO “Geningconsult” provides the following services in the phase of project identification and preparation:   

  • Project type identification (investment, technical support, structural reorganization, sectoral stabilization, guarantee operations and etc);
  • Preparing target structure and concept of the project;
  • Preinvestment feasibility study with determining amount to be invested;
  • Finding potential investors;
  • Substantiation of necessity to attract IFIs for project implementation considering possibility to finance project from the Federal budget;  
  • Preparing  project financing structure;
  • Preparing business-plans, full-scale or partial feasibilities assessments under preinvestment studies;
  • Conducting required institutional studies for effective fulfillment of objectives and solving goals under the project;
  • Preliminary evaluation of social and economic effectiveness of the project and its implications; 
  • Preparing drafts of legislative and normative legal documents on preparation and implementation of the project;
  • Preparing drafts of regulating by-laws for attracting financial resources including loan agreements with IFIs, procedure and sources of loan repayment and servicing.

Legal aspects

ZAO “Geningconsult” provides services on legal support and legislation ground for activities of project implementation units and provides legal support to the clients by defending their interest on all phases of project implementation.

The package of legal services includes the following:

  • Legal due diligence of the projects, administrative and normative by-laws connected with preparation and implementation of projects;
  • Providing professional consultancy services on selection of organizational and legal forms of organizational structures created under the project;
  • Consulting on taxation of Russian and foreign physical entities engaged in business activities on the territory of the Russian Federation;  
  • Solving legal issues arisen in the course of competitive tendering and precontractual talks;
  • Legal review of text and structure of the contract to be concluded under the project in terms of their compliance with the standard documents of  FIDIC, IBRD, EBRD and other IFIs considering prioritized requirements of the Russian legislation and maximum protection of the clients’ rights;
  • Monitoring and preventing appearance of undesirable contractual conflicts under the project being implemented;
  • Providing legal support to the clients in the course of project implementation in case of contractors’ claims, arguments, conflicting situations as well as contractual conflicts defending interest of the clients in the Dispute Adjudication Boards and Arbitrage.