Investment Project Management Company


Transport and infrastructure

While implementing transport and infrastructure projects, the Company uses certain advantages, the key of which are as follows: 

  • the staff gained the wide experience in survey works and design engineering  for motor roads and bridges, experimental analysis and theoretical studies of the structural behaviour of the bridges, overpasses and flyovers built on motor roads and in urban areas, management and supervision for the transport construction and road infrastructure projects;
  • the Company's specialists are capable to develop a Technical Part of the Tender Documents at the high professional standard, including Technical Specifications, structural drawings, Bill of Works in compliance with the IFI and the Russian regulatory document requirements; 
  • the Company's potential allows to adequately arrange and implement the Tender and Prequalification procedures as well as the appropriate Evaluation procedures in compliance with the international and Russian technical norms and standards used to select consultants and contractors for engagement in the field of transport construction and infrastructure; 
  • the Company maintains well-tuned contacts with the design, scientific-research and construction entities as well as road and bridge technical universities in Russia and abroad;  
  • the Company's Managers master competent skills for the clients' and contractors' personnel training in application of the interntational contract terms and conditions under the specific circumstances of the Russian Federation.