Investment Project Management Company


Housing and communal services

ZAO “Geningconsult” provides professional consultancy services on management of investment projects in the housing sector at all stages of the project implementation.

At the pre-project stage ZAO “Geningconsult” provides services on creating the project concept, institutional investigations, feasibility study, development of the financing scheme, determining the optimal management structure, preparation of the documents package for the loan borrowing.

At the project implementation ZAO “Geningconsult” provides services on audit of sites for investments, preparation of the bidding documents and holding the bidding procedure, construction contracts supervision including the required reporting, etc.

At the project completion stage ZAO “Geningconsult” provides services on determining the institutional, technical, finance and other achieved results of the project implementation, on preparation of the project efficiency reports including recommendations on further operation of the projects, improvement of the management system, etc.

Given below are only few examples of competitive advantages of ZAO “Geningconsult” in the housing sector:
  • Experience in implementation of large investment projects on municipal heat and water supply in 15 administrative subjects of the Russian Federation and CIS countries with a total value of 900 mln USD;
  • Experience in development and application of Audit Help software for technical audit of multi-storied residential buildings, selection of energy saving retrofit measures for the buildings and assessment of such retrofit results in more than 2,900 residential buildings;
  • Rendering assistance to Rosstroy in preparation of the Russia Housing Sector Reforms project financed from the IBRD loan proceeds in the amount of 200 mln approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors on 26 February 2008.